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The DIY brand in need of a little TLC.

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Tetrion, a venerable homecare and DIY brand launched in the 1970s, has long been synonymous with quality and reliability in the market.

However, as consumer preferences evolve and competition intensifies, Tetrion recognises the need to modernise its product packaging to maintain relevance and appeal to today's consumers.

With a diverse range of products, including All Purpose Fillers, Wood Filler, and the innovative aerosol leak fixer 'Fix-A-Leak', Tetrion seeks to revitalise its packaging while retaining its iconic orange and white colour scheme.


The overhaul of Tetrion's product packaging has resulted in a fresh and contemporary aesthetic that breathes new life into the brand while honouring its storied history. The updated designs feature sleek and streamlined layouts, complemented by vibrant orange accents that evoke a sense of energy and dynamism.


In alignment with Tetrion's commitment to sustainability, the packaging overhaul project also explored eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices. By incorporating recyclable materials and reducing packaging waste, Tetrion has taken significant strides towards minimising its environmental impact while delivering products that consumers can feel good about purchasing.

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