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Over 70 years of leading the car care marketing and in need of a makeover.


T-Cut has been a trusted name in the car care market for over 70 years, renowned for its high-quality products and commitment to excellence. As the automotive industry evolves and consumer preferences shift, T-Cut recognised the importance of staying ahead of the curve by refreshing the design of its products to maintain relevance and appeal in the market.


The objective of the brief was simple: Refresh the design of the T-Cut brand packaging to modernise and enhance shelf experience, whilst retaining the brand’s heritage and legacy feel.

By achieving the objective, you would be able to maintain the recognisability and trustworthiness of the T-Cut brand while appealing to a younger demographic of car enthusiasts.


Each new design for the T-Cut range seamlessly integrates T-Cut's iconic logo and branding elements, ensuring instant recognisability and trustworthiness on both retail shelves and online.

The new packaging designs have significantly enhanced T-Cut's shelf presence, attracting attention and generating interest from consumers browsing automotive care products.

One of the objectives was to introduce differentiation between T-Cut's product lines and variants while maintaining overall brand coherence. The design team successfully achieved this by implementing distinct colour palettes, graphic motifs, and label layouts for each product, making it easier for consumers to identify and select the right product for their specific needs.

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