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Rocket TT

A groundbreaking product worthy of a refresh.

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Rocket TT, formerly known as Double TT, is a leading maintenance spray brand that has been trusted by consumers for years.

Recognising the need to differentiate itself in the market and elevate its brand identity, Rocket TT asked us to start a rebranding initiative, introducing a fresh new look and innovative features to enhance its product offering. With a striking silver, yellow, and black colour scheme and the introduction of a 2-in-1 smart straw for precision spraying, Rocket TT aimed to solidify its position as the go-to choice for maintenance solutions.


Rocket TT's rebranding initiative aimed to position the brand as a formidable competitor in the maintenance spray market, offering superior performance and innovative features that surpass those of traditional competitors.


The rebranding of Rocket TT's packaging has resulted in a dynamic and visually striking design that commands attention on retail shelves and online platforms. The incorporation of silver, yellow, and black colours creates a modern and futuristic aesthetic that resonates with consumers, while the prominent display of the 2-in-1 smart straw feature communicates innovation and functionality at a glance.

Initial feedback from consumers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the updated packaging design and the addition of the 2-in-1 smart straw feature. Consumers appreciate the modern look and feel of Rocket TT's new branding, as well as the practicality and convenience of the smart straw, which enhances the overall usability and effectiveness of the product.

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